We’ve got voices covered!

With a host of credits in broadcast, corporate and heritage projects, our voiceover/narration is speedily recorded and edited in our purpose-built isolated recording booth.

Get in touch for test reads and quotes, or see below for a guide to costs.

Emma is the ideal voice for warm, authentic & trusted female communication. For a more details visit emmanabarrosteel.com

Adam is a naturally reassuring voice for contemporary and traditional male scripts.

We can also help with child and character voices. Drop us a line.

We’re always happy to give you a personal quotation, but here’s a quick guide to voiceover recording and costs:

There are broadly three ways to record VO:

Self-Record – From £300 + Vat

The simplest and best way of working for most projects. You send us the script, along with any requirements for tone and delivery (we can chat though by email or phone) and we focus on recording, giving alternative takes to choose from where necessary, edit and master it beautifully and get it swiftly back to you by We Transfer for your approval, entirely at your leisure. If there are any changes needed, these will be sorted pronto!

The Pros: Easy, quick and flexible. No cancellation charges. High Quality Results.

The Cons: You sit back and wait for the results (did I say cons?).  

Client-Directed Record (with us) – From £400 + Vat

For some projects, you or your client may prefer to listen to and direct the session as it happens. The good news is, you can do this directly with us because we are also a post-production studio. We’ll book in a mutually convenient slot to connect to you remotely, undertake the session under your direction, record and edit together your preferred takes. You could also take advantage of our other post-production services, such as sound design, music, Radio / TV mixing. 

The Pros: You and your colleagues have more control over the finer detail in real time. 

The Cons: Session times are fixed so charges may apply if there are delays/changes. 

Client-Directed Record (via third-party studio) – From £300 + Vat (+ external studio fee)

If you have your own audio dept/studio, or prefer to work with a particular studio/engineer, we can simply connect to them and they take care of the record/edit, connecting with or hosting you.

The Pros: You may be able to attend the session in person. 

The Cons: The studio engineer is organised and paid for by you. 

Work is subject to usage charges where applicable – ie. public-facing projects such as social media, tv and radio. These will be clearly stated in your quote. Drop us a line.